Mercato Forza Libero Tifosi Hat

Mercato Forza Libero Tifosi Hat

$85.00 CAD

Once upon a time, the original intention behind our hat project was to present an item that represents our influences of sports and in particular car racing. Our skilled hat artisans in Toronto, affectionately known as our "hat guys" (big shoutout to JR.), took the creative liberty to fashion a sample using a deadstock hat. Remarkably, this particular hat already boasted a tiger design courtesy of the local Canadian brand @Stuntinhq. To cut a long story short, the Tiger version garnered widespread admiration. Hence, we present it to you as the Mercato in Firenze rendition of our initial concept. Consider it a nod to Ralph and his inspiring Tiger motifs—a subtle tip of the cap to his artistic influence.


  • Race Day Hat
  • Tiger
  • Forza Libero
  • Car #77
  • Six Panel
  • Low Profile
  • 100% Cotton
  • Adjustable Clasp Closure
  • Garage Grease Stained 

All items are made in Toronto. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery once order has been placed. No Returns or Exchanges. All items are final sale.

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