Change of Guard

June 3, 2022

Stepping into Spring/Summer 2022, Libero began its season by repurposing meaning into five unique garments while staying in line with the direction and ethos of the brand. Change of Guard is an instalment that pivots Libero into international waters. Paving the way into menswear by redefining its role as a primary player, the capsule catapults the brand beyond its’ Canadian roots and borders. Instead, it carved a name into unfamiliar grounds to prove its integral role within the industry. Above all, the collection is a love letter to the brand’s co-founder, Kadeem Johnson, who passed away in 2019. Without whom, Libero would cease to exist. Shot and directed in Kadeem’s hometown, London, UK, the campaign pays homage to his love for the city’s pause in fashion, football, and heritage.

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